Kids Mini Ferris Wheel for Sale

Mini Ferris Wheel For Sale

Profile Of Mini Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale

Mini ferris wheel is a miniaturized ferris wheel ride and belongs to a gentle vertically spinning ride for kids and parents. This amusement ride is usually small in size with cartoon style compared to giant ferris wheel. The vehicle ride with several baskets rotates 360 degrees around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement as if through time and space. As you know, ferris wheel, roller coaster and merry go round are collectively referred to as “Three Treasures In Paradise”. Especially mini ferris wheel for sale, or observation wheel for sale, due to its observation property and height advantage, is preferred by the folk who seek stimulus. Tourists slowly rise high into the air along with the ascending cabins and look the downward scenery, just like a bird flying in the sky.

Featured Beston Mini Ferris Wheels For Sale

Kids Mini Ferris Wheel for Sale
BNFW-5A Kids Mini Ferris Wheel

Model: BNFW-5A
Machine height: 5.5m
Cabin Number: 5
Each cabin: 2.per
Area: 5.5m*4.5m
Voltage: 3 80V
Power Total Power: 3kW

Beston Kids Ferris Wheel For Sale

Model: BNFW-10A
Diameter: 6.5m*4.5m
Power: 5.5 KW
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.: 10
Capacity: 20 persons

Main Materials Of Small Observation Wheel For Sale

The mini ferris wheel ride adopts truss structure, with features of good stability and stable operation. The main materials of ferris wheel is steel, firm and corrosion proof. The small ferris wheels include single side ferris wheel and double sides ferris wheel. With more complicated structure, the double sides ferris wheel is more expensive than single ferris wheel, but will bring more visitors and benefit to the investor. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scene even in rainy day because the cabin is ornamented with ceiling.

Meanwhile, advanced concepts of domestic and overseas like products are introduced to control and design of ferris wheel. All operating control points are equipped with fault alarm system to ensure safety of passengers. Multiple camera surveillance systems are installed on general console to conduct dynamic monitoring for the operation of observation wheel. What’s more, the diesel generator will start the standby generator in case of sudden power failure. Therefore, higher security and reliability promotes the ferris wheel to be a necessary item in the theme park. If you wants to buy a mini ferris wheel, Beston Group is your  ideal selection.

Features Of Beston Mini Ferris Wheel Ride

  • 3-4mm thickness stainless steel frame make the ferris wheel strong and durable.
  • Equipped with hundreds of energy saving LED lights, beautiful and attractive.
  • Polished with energy cloth for more than ten times, so it is smooth without any welding slag.
  • Superb music system, you could load any music you like.
  • High quality FRP& galvanized steel, long lasting service life and less maintenance cost.
  • Accept preshipment inspection by OMIC, SGS, and other international famous inspection company.
  • Offer profound marketing strategy help clients make profit in short time.

Structure Characteristics Of Kiddie Mini Ferris Wheel

The mini ferris wheel for sale consists of several arms, 2 seats per arm and can carry tens of passengers in total. Covering small area, decorated with novel design, unique structure and graceful appearance, the ferris wheel for sale is applicable to both outdoors and indoors, like kiddie fun center, carnival, fairground, shopping mall and amusement park, etc. It is the first ride tourists intend to ride as well as the optimum investment the park owner would like to make. The kids ferris wheel is a perfect family ride that parents accompany the kids. Not only possessing superior performance, but also fresh modeling, gorgeous lamp decoration, chic single arm support and fetching music, mini ferris wheel sets off a cozy and romantic atmosphere of happy family. Beston Group, a leading ferris wheel manufacturer in China, is ready to create your exclusive ferris wheel to match your park at any time.

From, Beston, you will get all different types of kiddie mini ferris wheel rides with reasonable prices

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