Kids Coin Operated Excavator Rides

Coin Operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

Coin operated kiddie rides for sale, as kids amusement equipment is very popular with children aged 1 to 6 years old. For these coin operated rides bring kids a lot of fun and thrill through gentle rocking motion, sound effect and attractive pictures showing on the screens of coin operated children’ s rides for sale. Nowadays, parents pay more and more attention to children’ s happiness and kids entertainment during their childhood. Therefore, coin amusement rides for kids as coin operated toys for children are becoming more and more important role in bringing joy and happiness to them. At the same time, parents are happy to entertain kids by these kiddie rides that start only by one coin.

Kids Coin Operated Excavator Rides for Sale
BNKE-1A Kids Coin Operated Excavator Rides

Kids Coin Operated Excavator Rides
BNKE-2A Kids Coin Operated Excavator Rides

Coin Operated Happy Car Rides
BNLB-2A Coin Operated Happy Car Rides

Coin Operated Happy Car Rides for Sale
BNLB-2B Coin Operated Happy Car Rides

Kids Coin Operated Happy Car Rides

Yellow Coin Operated Happy Car Rides
BNLB-2D Coin Operated Happy Car Rides

Kids Coin Operated Robot Rides
BNR-A Kids Coin Operated Robot Rides

Red Coin Operated Robot Rides
BNR-B Red Coin Operated Robot Rides

Blue Coin Operated Robot Rides
BNR-C Blue Coin Operated Robot Rides

Yellow Coin Operated Robot Rides
BNR-D Yellow Coin Operated Robot Rides

Application Scopes of Coin Operated Kids Rides for Sale

Actually, coin operated kids rides can be used in both indoor and outdoor. As arcade rides and outdoor kids amusement devices, we could often see children playing different styles of coin operated rides like cars, fire trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, trains, cartoon images in supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, pharmacies, convenience shops, kiosks, infant products stores, toy stores, village square, community parks, kids amusement theme parks, children’ s playgrounds, small playgrounds, kindergartens, Children’ s Palace, etc.

Beston Coin Operated Rides for sale

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, as a leading coin operated kiddie rides manufacturer and supplier, has a very good reputation in the world for its high quality and low price. All Beston kiddie rides for sale are manufactured by high-strength plastic injection molding. This makes the coin rides solid and ductile, which can bear kids with Max 50kg weight. Besides, in order to keep the children health, our Beston factory adopts green environmental protection materials to produce coin operated ride for kids. These materials are safe, non-toxic, not pungent. Parents can feel relieved to let their babies play for fun. Coin operated rides from Beston are with humanized designs. These designs are based on children’ s body proportions, curiosity and interest and aim at letting kids sit comfortably and play happy.

Benefits of Coin Operated Children’ s Rides for Your Business

Don’t underestimated the benefits of coin operated kids rides for sale in your business. For example, as a self-employed storekeeper, they could buy one set coin operated kiddie ride or two and place them outside the store. This will increase retail sales a lot, for parents with children are more likely to go shopping at these stores. In the big shopping malls, we could see a lot of amusement equipment for children at different age groups. But there are so few amusement devices specifically for kids at 1 to 6 years old, kiddie rides operated by coin are the best and safest coin operated toy rides will attract a lot of little kids to play. And the parents prefer to spend their money on coin operated rides to entertain their kids, enjoy a happy shopping time with their children at the same time.

Related Questions About Beston Hot Sales Kiddie Rides Coin Operated

1. Coin operated kiddie ride parts

—They mainly consist of fiberglass materials, mainboard, power pack,control box, frequency changer, LED lights, sound system, buttons, etc.

2. Minimum order quantity of Beston coin operated kids rides
—For new customers, they can place a trial order with 1 set of kiddie ride.

3. If the voltage and plug of coin operated ride on toys will comply with customers’ standards?
—Beston factory could produce it according to customers’ requirements in different countries.

4. If Beston company can custom kiddie rides with customers’ designs and logos?
—All of Beston kids amusement units can be designed and customized including color, print, pattern and logo.

5.Whether kiddies rides accept the coins from different countries?
—Different coins from different countries can be recognized by coin selector.

6. Life time of Beston coin operated kiddie rides for sale?
—It is about 3-5 years, even longer if you maintain kiddie rides regularly.

7.Payment terms and shipping terms of Beston high quality coin operated rides for children
— The payment terms are T/T, Western Union, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A. Shipping terms are by Sea, by Air and we offer home delivery service for foreign clients.

8. Lead time of Beston factory price coin operated rides for sale
— If customers want to buy our rides in stock, we could send the products as soon as we receive the payment. For new kiddies rides, it will take 7-20 working days.

After-sales Service of Beston Coin Operated Kiddie Rides for Sale

  • Our company promises one year warranty and lifelong free maintenance service.
  • Professional engineers offers technical support to customers buying our coin operated kiddie rides.
  • 24 hours online services help customers solve any problem they may meet during installing rides.
  • Beston would provide our clients with CE certificate and other documents to help Custom Clearance.
  • Our technicians are ready to go to different countries to help customers solve problems.

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