9 Seats 7D cinema for sale

7D cinema equipment for sale

7D cinema interactive simulator experience

What is 7D cinema?

7D cinema equipment is a brand new invention based on 5D interactive cinema. 7d cinema to a certain extent has more fun than 5d cinema,for it has game software and gun interaction while you experience 7d cinema movies in 7D theater. Actually, cinema 7d is a smart combination of gaming entertainment and interactive technology. This high technology allows viewers to become the roles in the film and interact with the characters. The interactive seats of 7D cinemas will move before and after the up and down or so while audience fire at the enemy with guns. Moreover, the special effect equipment will create some natural phenomenon such as wind blowing, raining, snowing, thunder, lightning,etc when there appears wind, snow, thunder in the movie. Therefore, the audience can be totally involved in the movie and feel funny and thrilling 7d cinema experience through their five sense organs.

9 Seats 7D cinema for sale
9 Seats 7D cinema for sale

 Interactive 7d cinema specification

Main accessories and effects of 7 d cinema simulator

The 7d cinema simulator mainly consists of master system, projection system, sound system, 6 DOF dynamic seat system, special environment effect and interactive simulator system. 7d simulator viewers are able to experience different environments like blowing wind, raining, snowing, thunderstorm and so on. At the same time, they could hear different sounds clearly when they are watching 7d movies. All these make the viewers feel like in the real world. With the different story lines in the movie, the hydaulic 7d dynamic seats would move up and down. For example, when there has sharp-cut cliff appears in 7D movie, the 7D motion seats effect could make viewers feel that they are driving in this cliff which brings a lot of stimulation and thrill to them. Furthermore, you could participate in the 7d movies as a role and interact with the characters in the movie by shooting guns.

7D cinemas equipment
7D cinemas equipment

Advantages of investing 7D cinema simulators

  • 7D cinema simulators are loved by people at all ages, so they have a lot of potential consumers.
  • The site selection of 7d interactive cinema simulator is very flexible, such as shopping mall, amusement parks, public parks, tourist holiday resort, etc.
  • Interactive 7d cinemas have the features of less investment but quick effect, low risk but high returns.
  • 7D motion cinema has obvious competitive advantage on the market because of its novelty, creativity, curiosity.
  • It is very easy to manage 7D cinema projects for it has automatic monitoring system.
  • These 7D interactive cinema equipment belongs to non-consumable products which have low maintenance rate and a long using life.
Income of 9 seats hydraulic 7D cinema
Assuming Ticket Price(USD) Working Time/Day(Hour) Running Time of A Film( minute) Times of Showing Film/Hour(60mins/15mins) Sum Total Income(USD)
  1 Day $5 8hours 15mins 4 times 9seats x $5 x 8h x 4times $1440
1 Month $5 8hours 15mins 4times $1152 x 30 $4320
  1 Year $5 8hours 15mins 4times $34560 x 12 $518400
Note: Beston company estimates the ticket price $5, for your reference. Buyers could count up their annual income according to the local markets and consumption level. Please contact us right now to get the latest price of 7D cinema equipment.
6 seat hydraulic 7d interactive cinema for sale
6 Seat hydraulic 7d interactive cinema for sale


7d cinema movies
7d cinema movies

Why choose Beston 7D interactive cinema?

As a leading 7D interactive cinema manufacturer and supplier, Beston could offer customers different high quality 7D interactive cinemas according to their requirements. With the development of Beston Amusement Equipment Company, it has an excellent technology team. The experienced engineers in this team equip 7d cinema device with latest technology and advanced design. Our Beston 7d cinemas quality is credible and accepted by clients from all over the world, such as USA, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa,etc. Moreover, all 7D cinemas equipment has passed CE, ISO, ROHS certification. In Beston, you will cost less money but get the most excellent service. For the hydraulic 7d cinema price is very reasonable and fair on the market. And we promise one year warranty for all 7D cinemas, besides, lifelong free maintenance service is provided by Beston Group.

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