9 Seats hydraulic 5D cinema equipment for sale

5D cinema equipment for sale


5D cinema special effects
5D cinema special effects

What is 5D cinema

5D cinema is the most popular dynamic movie theater which is the combination of 3D images, dynamic seats and environment effects produced by special 5D cinema equipment. The invention of 5D cinemas greatly enriches our life, for the attractive movies plus 5D cinema equipment bring us into a virtual reality world. In the VR world, the audience could feel dropping down, wind blowing,vibrating, etc. Moreover, cinema 5d makes viewers play active roles in the movies they are watching. With the change of story plot, 5d technology simulates many special environment effects, such as rain, snow, bubble, fog, lightning,etc. Audience are totally involved in these scenes and feel 5d cinema experience through their vision, hearing, smelling and touching.


9 Seats hydraulic 5D cinema equipment for sale
9 Seats hydraulic 5D cinema equipment for sale

Beston 5D simulator cinema application

Our Beston simulator cinemas could be applied to amusement parks, public parks, big tourist holiday resort, shopping mall, happy valley theme parks and 5D interactive cinema experience pavilion. The biggest advantage of investing in a 5D cinema in these places is that there has enough people whose ages are at 10-45 years old. They have consuming ability and incline to enjoy novelty and experience adventure at any time. What’s more, it will attract more people to these places if there has 5D cinema simulator. For example, investment in 5d cinemas in shopping center not only brings customers’ new experience while shopping, enrich people’s lives, but also increases people flow and encourage them to consume in the mall.

6 Seats 5d cinemas for sale
6 Seats 5d cinemas for sale

Main components of Beston 5D cinema set for sale

Our Beston simulator cinema 5d mainly consists of special effect system and external accessories. Each part has its own function to help the 5D simulator cinema work smoothly.
First of all, environment effect system includes bubble machine, water spray machine, snow making machine, fog machine,wind blower, flash frequency machine and air compressor. These machines of 5d cinemas have the ability to make audience feel like in the real-life scenario by creating different environments of raining, snowing, wind blowing, lightning and fogging, etc.

5D cinema accessories for sale
5D cinema accessories for sale

Secondly, it is seat effect. Beston 5D movie theater rides allow audience to feel the bump, tremor, crash and sharp turn when watching adventure and horror movies. For example, the 5D cinema seats will simulate the action of going down from the sky if this scene appears in the movie.
Thirdly, Beston factory produces high quality audio equipment to guarantee audience feel like in a real world by the sense of hearing. This equipment of Beston 5D cinemas for sale adopts multichannel surround sound system that can imitate a variety of sound, such as ripple, thunder, airplane flight, etc.
Lastly, the external accessories of 5D simulator cinemas are screen display device, stereo playing the movie equipment, 5D polarized glasses, etc.

Why people love 5D interactive cinemas?

The advent of 5D interactive cinemas has broken the traditional static movie style. Audience are able to participate in the movie scenes through interactive games while watching movies at the same time. It allows audience to take part in and throw himself into the story by utilizing interactive props. They could take a thrilling adventure together with the characters in the story. In a word, 5D simulator makes it possible to experience virtual simulation in a brand new world. After experiencing 5d cinemas, you would have total relaxation both physically and mentally, which is good for your health and makes you work efficiently on weekdays.

5D cinema experience
5D cinema experience

5D interactive cinema equipment investment prospect

Income of 9seats
Assuming Ticket Price(USD) Working Time/Day(Hour) Running Time of A Film( minute) Times of Showing Film/Hour(60mins/15mins) Sum Total Income(USD)
  1 Day $4 8hours 15mins 4 times 9seats x $4 x 8h x 4times $1152
1 Month $4 8hours 15mins 4times $1152 x 30 $34560
  1 Year $4 8hours 15mins 4times $34560 x 12 $413720
Note: The ticket price $4 is supposed by Beston. Different countries have different ticket prices, buyers could count up their annual income according to the local markets and work out the net income which removes staff salary and land rents.

As for the maintenance fee, you could ignore it because Beston promises you a lifelong maintenance service and our 5d cinema equipment is not easy to break down unless they are damaged artificially.

Experience 5d cinemas for sale
Experience 5d cinemas for sale

Features of Beston 5 d cinema

4 seats, six seats, eight seats, nine seats and twelve seats 5 d cinemas are designed according to clients’ requirements.
Besides, Beston is able to customize the quantity of cinema seats as well as the colors and styles with clients’ idea and designs.
Projector standard resolution rate of Beston 5D cinemas equipment reaches 1024*768.
Professional electric 5D glasses which are rechargeable and make you feel more real while experience cinema 5 d.

Beston high quality 5d cinema equipment for sale
Beston high quality 5d cinema equipment for sale

There have 80 sets of interactive movies for clients’ choice. In addition, other 20 sets of 3D movies are sent to clients without any charge.
Beston 5D cinema quality is very reliable for it has been accepted by many clients from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan,etc.
Moreover, all our 5D cinema accessories have passed through CE, ISO, ROHS certification and our factory produce them with latest technology.
Our Beston 5d cinema equipment price is very competitive and fair on the market. You would spend less money on 5d cinemas equipment but enjoy the best product service when buying 5D interactive cinemas from Beston Group.

Beston product service and support for 5d interactive cinema equipment

No matter you are clients at domestic or abroad, Beston engineers are ready to offer installation service while you buy Bestion 5 d cinema equipment and make plan to help you run the 5d cinema smoothly.
Bestion provides our clients with one year warranty for these cinema equipment. Furthermore, lifelong maintenance service is acceptable.
Our Beston supports home delivery service when you purchase cinema 5d in our factory and our after-sales team will call you regularly to help clients solve any problem.

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